After the Burial
at White Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery

The time of burial is just the beginning of our service to your family. We offer ongoing support, including grief support, a wide variety of products to enhance your visits to the cemeteries, meaningful ways to honor your loved one, and special remembrance events throughout the year.

Learn more about our after the burial services:

Quarterly Newsletter

Next of kin of those buried at both of our cemeteries receive our free quarterly newsletter for at least one year after the burial (Subscriptions may be continued upon request at no charge). These simple newsletters inform family members about special events at the cemetery, Memorial Gift opportunities and other products and services that may be of interest.

Click here to view an online copy of the White Haven Memorial Park and Canandaigua Lakeview Cemetery Quarterly Newsletter.

To have your name added to the list to receive our Quarterly Newsletter by mail or email click here to contact us.

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes for graves, crypts, or niches.

You may select a bronze vase complete with your choice of artificial flower to adorn your loved one's crypt or niche. The cost is $135, including installation. Click here to see a sample of the flowers available for crypts and niches. We will change the flower to a special holiday arrangement in December and return to your original flower in January for just $15. You can also add a bronze emblem to recognize military service or a special interest for $205.

For ground burials, you may order an aluminum vase cup for $45, including installation. From March 15th-November 5th, you may bring fresh or silk flowers to place in the vase.

For a printable version of guidelines for all types of floral or other tributes, click here.

Mausoleum Dedications

White Haven Memorial Park provides visitors' registers and floral bouquets in all mausoleum areas. Visitors are welcome to sign the register and write a note of endearment.

Special dedications of the floral bouquets may be made in a loved one's memory for just $15 per week. Choose a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any day to send a gift of love.

For further information on Mausoleum Dedications, click here to contact us.

Grave Ornamentation

From November 15th to March 15th you are welcome to bring a green wreath on a tripod stand. If you prefer, you may order a wreath directly from White Haven Memorial Park. We will place the wreath for you in December and remove it in March.

The cost for this service, including the wreath is $40. Poinsettia bouquets for vases in the outdoor mausoleum areas are also available for $25.

For further information on Grave Ornamentation, click here to contact us.

Memorial Gift Plaques

Plaques for memorial gifts near trees or flower gardens in the park or pews or stained glass in the Mausoleums.

In return for a donation of $300 or more to White Haven's Memorial Gift Fund, we will place a plaque honoring your loved one at the location of your choice (subject to the approval of our Superintendent). For a gift of $500 or more, we will place a concrete bench with a plaque at the approved location. Possible locations include trees, shrubs, flower gardens, bird houses or bird feeders, stained glass windows, chapel pews or community monuments such as "America Standing Guard." Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and benches, plaques, or other donated items become the property of White Haven Memorial Park.

To request further information on Memorial Gifts, click here to contact us about this great service!

Remembrance Services

White Haven Memorial Park conducts community remembrance services several times each year. Those who have had a loved one buried at White Haven within the past year are specifically invited, but all are welcome. The hour-long services feature music, readings, and meaningful ceremonies such as candle-lighting or placing ornaments on a Christmas tree. During the ceremony, the names of loved ones being remembered are read during the Prayer of Names. For dates of upcoming services, call us at 585-586-5250.

Private services for family and friends on the anniversary of a birth or death may also be arranged by contacting our Chapel Director, Donna Miller.

Grief Support

“We are with you every step of the way.”

At White Haven Memorial Park in Rochester, NY, our full-time staff is here to support you on your journey to healing. We have a variety of materials, programs, products and services to help you in your time of loss.

In our office and in the All Seasons Chapel, you will find a display of free literature on coping with various types of loss. You are welcome to help yourself to these pamphlets.

Many of the products and services we offer are also designed to help in the healing process. For general information on the ways that a cemetery can provide healing opportunities click here.

Bronze Memorials

All White Haven grave markers are flat and made of cast bronze to withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear. They are designed to endure as a memorial to your loved one forever. Our standard installation is on a white, concrete base, but you may choose to upgrade to a more colorful granite foundation for an additional charge. Interest free payment plans are available on most memorials.

Each memorial may be personalized with your choice of border, lettering style and color, as well as a favorite phrase. On most markers, up to three emblems representing the person's interests or affiliations are available at no additional charge. We invite you to look through our extensive catalogs containing hundreds of emblems to start your creative process. Many emblems are also on display in our office.

Following are some of our most popular designs. All adult memorials are the required size of 12" x 24". Markers may only be installed by White Haven personnel.

The Greek Key
Price: $1,150
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $1,410
$455 installed on granite (as shown) = $1,605
The "Greek Key" is a popular border style. Here it is shown with the addition of a phrase and emblems designed to pay tribute to a music lover.

Memorial with Mountain Scene
Price: $1,520
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $1,780
$445 installed on granite (as shown) = $1,975

The Mountain Scene offers outstanding detail for those who loved the outdoors. Whether the foreground is seen as a lake or meadow, consider using a deer or a jumping fish; a bicycle or possibly running shoes to make the reference personal. Perhaps it is reminiscent of a favorite vacation spot or a cottage.

Oaklawn #1 Polished Bevel Border
Price: $1,195
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $1,455
$445 installed on granite (as shown) = $1,650

The Matthews "Oaklawn #1 Polished Bevel Border" is often chosen for its elegant simplicity. It can be made very personal by adding words of inscription as well as up to three emblems of your choice. There are hundreds of emblems to choose from. The one shown here is #100528 "Lily of the Valley".

Sheaf of Wheat
Price: $1,195
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $1,455
$445 installed on granite (as shown) = $1,650

The White Haven trademarked "Sheaf of Wheat" design is ONLY available from White Haven. Wheat is the symbol of eternal life. This very popular design has been available since the Park opened in 1929. You can make it uniquely yours by adding a favorite phrase or an emblem.

Floral Garden
Price: $1,520
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $,780
$445 installed on granite = $1,975

The Gorham "Floral Garden" is a beautifully detailed marker that is often sold as a companion to a Veteran's memorial. Its border is identical to that of the memorial provided to Veterans by the U.S. Government and it can be ordered in the same color and letter style and with a plain cross to duplicate the other details of a Veteran's memorial. Or, you can personalize the memorial, as shown here with the addition of the "In God's loving care" emblem at no additional charge.

Oaklawn #1 Rock Edge
Price: $755
$260 installation fee installed on concrete = $1,015
$360 installed on granite (as shown) = $1,115

A favorite choice for a baby's memorial is Matthews "Oaklawn #1 Rock Edge". It is made baby appropriate by adding the emblem #101718, "Teddy Bear". Baby memorials are for use in a special area of White Haven just for babies, identified by a charming bronze sculpture of a little girl with a lamb. All baby memorials are 16" x 8", but there are several marker styles and hundreds of emblems to choose from.

For more information or to set up an appointment to order a bronze memorial, contact White Haven Memorial Park.

White Haven Memorial Park is a member of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, the Cremation Association of North America, the New York State Association of Cemeteries, the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System, and the Green Burial Council.