Once only for the rich and famous, modern community mausoleums now cost no more than a ground burial. Larger spaces called crypts hold full caskets, while smaller spaces called niches accommodate cremated remains. At White Haven Memorial Park, you can even select a combination crypt to accommodate one full casket and one urn containing cremated remains.

These burial spaces are available both outside and inside these elegant buildings, which are constructed and maintained to last forever.

When you purchase a grave, there are several additional expenditures at the time of burial, such as a burial vault, grave marker, and burial fees. With above-ground burial, however, everything but a modest burial fee is included in one package price. Prices can be locked in at today’s cost and, if desired, interest-free payments can be tailored to your budget and spread out over several years.

In our Lasting Light Mausoleum, you can choose a crypt or a niche near a fireplace, where you can warm yourself on a cold, winter day.

People choose above-ground burial for many reasons

  • There is little left for the family to do or pay at a time of need.
  • It is more comfortable to visit indoors in all types of weather.
  • It is a high honor to the deceased, but often costs no more than ground burial.
  • It conserves land.
  • They do not like the idea of lowering themselves or loved ones into the ground.