As a fully certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, White Haven Memorial Park is committed to managing its property with wildlife and the environment in mind. We recycle and use sustainable products and procedures whenever possible. We constantly try to reduce our consumption of natural resources and have created several earth-friendly burial options. For further information, please explore the topics below.

Bluebird Program

One of our favorite Audubon projects has been our bluebird program. White Haven is now a regular nesting site for these beautiful birds. There have been over 100 bluebirds successfully fledged here. From April to June you will see them throughout the Park.

During nesting season, The New York State Bluebird Society  has a “nestcam.”

Bat & Owl House Project

Because White Haven is a certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, we help to preserve nature by reusing and recycling what we have here on the grounds. In 2021, Boy Scout, Colin Naus chose to do his Eagle Scout Project at White Haven. Along with his fellow scouts from Troup 208, Colin designed, constructed and installed owl boxes, bat boxes and pollinators within our Park. These bat and owl boxes will allow the bats and owls we have within the Park a safe place to roost. With an increase in the bat and owl population at White Haven we should have less mosquitoes, mice, rodents, etc.

The scouts also cleared our newest hiking trail in the back of the Park. These projects took hours of hard work, dedication and planning. Through their perseverance, leadership and dedication they helped created an opportunity for our guests to enjoy the fruitful adventure of pure nature here at White Haven. Congratulations to Colin on obtaining your Eagle Scout Certification and that White Haven could be a part of that. If you know anyone who is looking for an opportunity to partner with White Haven on their Eagle Scout Project, click here. We look forward to many more opportunities to build relationships with the community and provide educational opportunities within our Park.

Hiking Trails

We have more than 3 miles of hiking trails at White Haven. You are more than welcome to walk, run, or even snowshoe in either of our cemeteries during daylight hours. We ask that you observe all Park rules and regulations while you are here. Also, respect the privacy of anyone visiting a grave or attending a service.