You can now bury your beloved pet with you at White Haven or at Canandaigua Lakeview. You just need to submit proof that the pet was cremated at a recognized pet crematory and our supervisors need to verify that there is enough room for the pet in your grave, crypt or niche. If you have not already purchased your burial property, we can assist you in selecting a location that will enable you to include your dear pet or pets in your final plans. As long as the pet(s) can be buried at the same time as a human, there is NO additional charge. If you request a separate burial for the pet, the regular fees for that type of human burial will apply.

As you will see in the photo below, we have a variety of pet urns available if you need one. We can also help you remember your pet by adding his or her name or likeness in the form of a bronze emblem to the memorial plaque for a grave or the lettering for a crypt or niche.

Pet Services & Facilities

In addition to pet-friendly hiking trails, pets are welcomed throughout the Park as long as you have them under your control at all times and pick up after them as necessary.

We know that pets are often as well loved and deeply missed as other members of our families. In many areas of the Park we can now bury the cremated remains of your pet along with you.

Along the hiking trails, we have a pet memorial area with a bridge crossing a “stream” of rocks. Individual rocks may be engraved with your pet’s name for a donation of $100 or more to our Memorial Gift Fund. Or, you may add a bronze emblem showing the breed or other likeness of your pet to your own grave, crypt or niche. Please check for availability and pricing at the time you plan your own memorial. We even offer pet memorial services conducted by one of our Certified Celebrants. They are usually held in the gazebo, but can be held in one of our chapels if you prefer. For further information on Pet Services & Facilities, contact us today!