Veterans, 1st Responders, Military, Police & Fire Fighters – Section R

Our Section R is a special area of White Haven Memorial Park that honors Veterans, First Responders, Military, Police and Fire Fighters and their families. This area is considered a “traditional” burial section, which means each plot can accommodate one burial and one memorial marker per plot. If you are unsure if you wish to be buried in a full body casket or a cremation urn…that is okay. You do not have to make that decision at the time the property is purchased.

In the north end of Section R there is a large stone monument surrounded by flagpoles and granite benches. This is a somber reminder of the sacrifices that were made during the Korean War.

On the south end of the property stands three granite towers in a special area we call, “American Standing Guard”. With a large bronze American Eagle taking flight off the middle tower demanding a pause to reflect what it means to be An American Hero. Each pillar represents one of three categories: Police, EMT and Fire Fighters, Military and Veterans. There are names engraved into the towers as a reminder of the hero’s we have lost.